sometimes it is like stepping on thin ice lake
as thin as the heart easily broken into pieces
some evaporates, some back to frozen
holding my own palms, the only warmth

i don’t know how come the weather could be like this
as it reflects my insecure moment right now
to run deep into forest of devastation
or soar up onto the sky of ignorance

if recent hearsay is about people come and go
good or bad, let none left deep impression
when all hands folded, i open mine for myself
the only warmth that won’t betray.


Borrowed Soul

borrow me an umbrella
escape the lights,
so my soul can walk comfortably
with her beside me

borrow me a lantern
accompanied by a dim light,
so i can walk thru this dark alley
see our shadows walk together

borrow me a time
once i wasted
under this endless misty rain
see her for the last time

she walk under the moonlight
the frozen breeze hit her bones
but she refuse to say it’s cold

wind blows, tell her most favorite fable
tears falls, rewinding her most remembered words
i can see her buried dreams turn into ashes

as if walking to endless path
against the wind, among the crowd
whispering to the wind the words she haven’t said
wishing us for a better ordinary life.

my life.

not being pretentious care
just a shabby greetings
for the persons without decent virtues
i should stand up with my own feet
carry my own weight
short or tall, wide or narrow
there goes my steps, my visions

not being a coward
just too much determination
over thinking kills but i say wait
the moment will come as long as do my best
for worst i’ve walked til the end of the road
isn’t that is the greatest possession,
a human being from cradle to grave

years like a glance of a light
take the fast train from life’s one point to another
human beings, being alive, is to die without regrets
this long road in short span of time
waited for so long but as if happened yesterday
for the people i wish their happiness,
and those i wish nothing, just be patient.

white lights

it’s a white light and he crawled from darkness because of seeing it
his hand was pulled by an old man without identity,
he sailed across the ocean to seek what life could challenge him,

somewhere along the way, i was caught up in the blindness of the white light
under the stairway to heaven, i refuse to crawled up,
believe there is another heaven suits me more

a long waiting, the painful efforts, an empty meaning of everything
thought he could pass by and i can board his ship,
but it seems he is turning into the white light himself.

so i lost my intention to follow this white light.

if only one day, he becomes the old man without identity.


Thanks God

thanks god, i overheard him.
thanks god, i act as nothing wrong.
thanks god, i detach myself easier.
thanks god, i accept changes.

for years i thought you woudn’t change
rumors said you have changed
i prepared myself for the worse
and now i’m seeing it is starting to go as the rumors say

so i’m seeing myself take a distance away,
beyond my eyes, seeing your diminishing shadow,
my steps lighter, because i know we both will be okay,
love is universal.

selfish act



What is happiness ? Don’t say you wish others to be happy, because the word “you wish” is already a selfish act.

You don’t change, I won’t leave you.