a promise until the end of time

wait until the sky raining blood,
rivers stop flowing, soak the bones red,
i will come and rescue you,
to a place you’ve longed for.

therefore, don’t be afraid,
no need to worry of everything,
just live your life in these lifetimes,
holding dearly to my words.


how to deal with people we dislike ?

in your life,
you will meet some people
that harm you,
make you angry,
provoke you in such way
to turn you into
the same shit like them.

lets assume those people
are once evil and forever evil …

so, avoid them if you could,
don’t let yourself entangled with them anymore,
therefore don’t hate them, don’t expect to revenge.

on the other hand,
do more good deeds to people who really need your help
cherish yourself and your loved ones with love,

be grateful everyday
put aside any desire one by one
years passed, until one day
we could leave this world without regret,
as free as the air.

don’t hate them, don’t let them stay in any part in your mind.

the rainfalls of the people

some people only can criticize others, bad-mouthing, blaming others, and such.

this world indeed, will always be such people,

don’t ask why they do not start from introspecting themselves first,

just like the raindrops,

some fill up the jug of water;

some absorbed by the soil and useful for the plants;

some direct fall to sea or river;

some flow to the dark sewer;

in the end they all lead to the ocean.

we should only make sure it doesn’t turn into a flood, bringing disaster,

therefore, stop adding the numbers of such people.


question about the beginning and the ending

here comes the flying train, takes away the fresh human meats, from horizons to horizons
hide myself underneath the earth but they won’t let any breath remains
but i am conscious, next time must put turn conscience off
so they won’t tear me into pieces

after many years passed, a decade, a century,
enough time to heal the pain and terror,
as if living in a dream and still dreaming about things we pleasure about
only to find out the future is nonetheless same old but brand new tragedy

close my ears, crying outloud with teary eyes,
maybe this observable universe is only as wide as our mind could reach
whatever has a beginning, must has an ending,
but how, if there’s only ending, would you bother about how it had all started ?

dealing with aging

day by day i feel more and more parts of me diminishing

it’s my time on earth.

mother ever said that life is just like a dream
when i was child i thought it was just another beautiful poem about life-
but now i feel it is a real experience
because slowly i realize the things i used to fight for,
they don’t really matter.

like …
who’s right? who’s wrong?
that person hurt me, why ?
i will make that person pay-
this is mine, i shall have my share.
i don’t care about you,
you should just mind your own business…
you know … such things …

a monk ever said, isn’t life’s most beautiful thing is to breath ?
i used to think he’s just love to make things looks simple,
but apparently, i realize life is truly that simple,
be grateful to be alive, and cherish every lives.

if someone you knew well had taken thru the road,
either that person will wait for you at the end of the road or not,
even the strangest path, would be less unfamiliar with,
just because, you know everyone must walk thru that road,
and don’t bother to debate what’s next.

you become the stars

in the middle of nowhere, the wind blows and i need to stand strong
in case my feet even cannot carry my own burden,
i break down and kneel, tremble and laying down,
wish there is a shelter to protect me until everything calms down

just like trying to survive among the debris of my dreams
sinking memories, trying to separate ego from this being
however i still wish at least my corpse could touch the land
how i really, really wish right now you are either save me or take me with you.

drawing your face
saw your handwriting
tears fall down

i smile as if you’re here
but even in dreams you’re gone
tears fall down

the conscience i refuse to forget
may tomorrow will be better
may my sorrow becomes answer

just so
as if you’re standing there
watching over me.