selfish act



What is happiness ? Don’t say you wish others to be happy, because the word “you wish” is already a selfish act.

You don’t change, I won’t leave you.

some days are farther than others

the death seems quite far, but the noise is just one door step away. i hide myself among books and shelves, near the window that farthest from the door.

the voice of a man who thinks he is a God’s messenger, soaked blooded hood and holding an executed head; he walked as if God himself.

my swollen hands, my remaining days with the sunlight. it shines, penetrates the cracked vases. how could I save the trapped butterflies with such given condition.

i pretend to sleep, my heart sings thousand songs of hope.

plenty people kneel down , in front of the destroyed bridge. lamenting the past, humming a separation song, whispering cries, screams. if the rain itself cries, how could I not swayed along the stream?

the ticket to come back to the spring, the strangers in unfamiliar place, the faraway loved ones. sewing the bonds, sincere based relationship.

just like pouring the salt into the ocean, those youth dreams, those idealism without wisdom. so I would never come out like this.

when only can depend on heaven’s mercy, i wish i could become the wind once this body decomposed, or burned.

hell’s gate (2)

they spread false rumors, hate speech. tell you black is white and white is black, force you to believe it, by force.

they gather mass, they poisoned their beliefs, they corrupted their minds, rooted their hearts. at all cost, by all means, they are the worst human beings.

if i stand up against them, not because i believe my belief is right, it is because they would use others blood to wash their self-made sins. they think they will be all clean but whom to believe if in the end we are all gonna die and life ends.

i won’t become like them. in here and there, whatever realm it might. in front of the hell’s gate, no one dare to knock unless you know who will greet you.

Love is …

if you really love a person, your existence beside that person is a proof of love.

correct that person’s misconduct, support that person’s efforts.

thru good and bad, to heaven and hell, you will accompany that person.

you treat that person as a part of you.

in this lifetime, how deep a fate needed to  meet such person and be together til the end?

that is, if only that person worth it.



it is a feeling felt not only for commoners,
me, the one who take a distance from them, also falls
and fail to guard myself from the drizzling rains
thick fog, clean air, you are standing in front of my eyes.

because of you i started a war for a peace
in this circle of life, i make my journey
at the end of the world, at the end of the road,
your image on that day emerged.

unknown similar face

in this life i was drunken by ideality
i swallow bitterness in hoping for sweet ending
who knows once i step back, i never get back to where i stand
therefore can only move on, singing the songs when i was young

step by step your lonely image chasing the wind is getting blurred
who knows once i thought that sincerest smile turns into rainy cloud
once it settles down, may be you will see things clearer
from the beginning til the end, i love you just like becoming dusts.

put down all my belongings, put down all that is mine.
my feelings, my thoughts, my existence
i don’t even stay in any realm.