silver rain

will it rain or not for tonight ?
the view from here is interesting
empty dark sky above, illuminating city lights below
used to wishing upon the stars,
now getting absorbed to the ground

should i go out or not tonight ?
some friends have already hit the road
sounds cool, looks great but,
i don’t want to be a moth
drawn to the light to be only burnt to death

the plastic flowers stay colorful all year long
as fake as happy face, deep inside is questionable
“i don’t need water, could even live well without air and sunlight”
but we all know it’s only applied to dead things
as dead as i am now, longing for a future that had passed too long

sky, please pour your silver rain
or lift your dark veil, reveal the stars underneath it
i don’t believe in such thing as fate
but i know destiny is exist
for they who make their destination worthwhile


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