into a song

you know, it’s not a heartbroken song
singing it right now, just to convey my feeling
that somehow i miss you, treasure the old times a lot
but yeah, nothing last forever, no need to be too sad

i often lament our past, repeatedly asked myself ‘what if’,
my mind plays a monologue, as if you would reply all my questions
and here it is, the tears falling but at least i am able to smile
so what if it’s not our fate to be together any longer?

like an opened window, some things need the wind to come inside and take them out
they cant fly themselves, they can only pray for miracle
like a fish keep swimming, floating calmly in their sleeps,
so do we keep moving on, deal with problems in life, imbue every efforts with prayers

there were used to many regrets piled up
but at sometime, a heavy rain sinked and scattered them all to faraway ocean
such emotional memories no longer feel painful
to retrieve them only to remind me i am still okay and move on



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