world’s end

when the time comes, may this person is no longer there,
white birds flying high, they swallow the clouds,
river of blood turns dry, fishes refuse to leave the deepest ocean,

when the earth cries, the sun calls his friends in silence,
there will be one more chance, before reflections extinct,
and it will be another very long and distance moment before time reset,

ancient written tomes will be republished, claimed to be disovered for the first time,
so it will repeat like it used to be, endless beginning, unstoppable ending,
that time, even the white birds swallow the clouds, fishes will fly beyond clouds.

note: a prophecy i read when i was little, that at world’s end, the world will be dominated by people who wear shining-white robe. they spill others’ red bloods to make sure only their bloods are as shiny white as  their robes. 



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