my concerns….

terrorism issues
conflict of territories
island or border disputes
natural disasters

if i got a lot of money
i will buy a mountain and live in seclusion
of course must plant many vegetables, fruits,
as well as lots of clean water source.

i will google news to know what’s happening
just to make sure … you know …

but it’s hard to buy a mountain, living in it and trying to survive like i said-
in the end human beings only could reach below 100 years old anyway, lucky to pass 60 i said,
you might think have done many great things, or might just wasting time
at least avoid doing things as mentioned above, and try not to entangled with such issues, isn’t it ?

life …

it was given without our concern and can be taken back at anytime, so i could only pray, be grateful, and sincerely trying to live a life day by day.


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