dear God~for him.

dear god,
he believes you,
while i’m rather agnostic.
i do wish from this bottom of heart,
hopefully you will help him-
deal with troubles,
overcome hardships.

because i longed for kindness,
in this earth where such things are becoming rare
day by day i hide in the darkness,
cling onto my fear and sadness,
as people could be heartless,
and you seem to do nothing to stop them from sins.

dear god,
i can only pray for him,
from afar,
and if the sky falls,
darkness stumble upon us all,
just let me hide in the darkness
until the day my fear and sadness lift up,
threading destiny from fated path,
life is short.

I made this for a person who truly religious and no fanatic, but he’s often being slandered in his way to serve truth and justice. Guess people’s heart could be so dark until they cannot differ light from darkness.


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