being good is not a choice, it’s a reason.

sometimes you just want to give up being a good person,
just because you were cheated or hurt by others.

sometimes it is unavoidable to meet such circumstances,
but if eventually you can come back home safely,
lets be grateful.

because to meet hardships are part of paying karma,
to deal with it is a trial,
manage to go through it is an achievement.

sometimes you just want to hide and wouldn’t mind to be a coward for life,
because it seems nowadays society could be such mean and heartless.

but rather than runaway and hide,
better accept and try to survive,
the best is keep on believing that,
you are not alone to face this all,
some people like you also exist in this earth
and encouraging each other not to give up.

let go all the sadness and pain,
by writing them on book as a learning,
go walk outside again
let the sun knows her rays are not wasted.


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