myself flows…

looking back at old photographs,
some things to regret, some to appreciate,
foolish pride, self-blaming, and such trivia matters,
in this current lifetime, i still need a lot to learn.

i can see the road is still long
but do not know if my lifespan could reach it,
however it doesn’t matter,
it’s just i feel failed cultivating myself to be better.

the monk is chanting farewell mantras but i cannot sense the sadness,
because the deceased left plain hole,
even the valley will be flooded with tears,
i feel keep drowning into abyss of endless emotions

give me wings to fly away, until they broken and along with me become dusts
witness the universe, the born and death of stars
emptiness is filled with untold creations and destruction
the beginning-less and endless flow, is flowing, floating, fly…


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