fly away

no matter how arrogant, bullshit, a person is, as long as he or she has a capability to prove to many. too bad most of them are useless people.

i need to avoid interacting with such creature.


forget to be grateful

so some people try to believe death is actually a happy thing as the dead would be reborn in heaven or something better realm
but it is just a new method to ease the left ones’ sadness, lift up their hopes and guide them to move on.
but to me, death is forever a sad thing, whether to be reborn in heaven or hell
but it’s a nature’s way, just like a joy when parents expecting their babies, as well as sadness being separated from loved ones.

happiness, sadness, are nothing.
some hasn’t seen true sadness, they can never be grateful so they kept complaining on life
some who had gone thru true sadness, forever live in happiness by being grateful
and for me, most times, i forget about this, thru my ignorance and foolishness.

let it go

it’s simply a psychological thing.

you believe if someone betrayed your trusts,
that person is forever untrusted,
since you cannot hate, cannot avoid, keep facing that person everyday,
therefore you become depressed.

i just want to say to you,
our remaining days are shortened, day by day
that person sucks, but why let this matter depressed you, it’s such unfair
say it is karma, say that’s life, I just want you to let it go

try the best to deal, not to confront
you cannot change other person, yet to change yourself might sound hurt your pride
so be it, just deal with all matters in life without depressing yourself
in the end we all will die, so better care yourself more

don’t try to understand why others have certain opinions,
that is just them, theirs to own
everything will be fine, you and me
your forever shadow

love yourself more, because no one would do that better than yourself
what is the meaning of others’ impression, if your life not even depend on it
you don’t harm others, you mind your business, you behave yourself,
for such ordinary persons like you and me, this is more than enough to live this life.


let go ego ?

if you cannot let go ego,
at least feed it with less carcinogenic stuffs.

stop expecting others to repay kindness
stop convincing others how good are your intentions.

if you cannot present them a good image,
at least give yourself a chance to save your parents’ face.

stop asking understanding from others
stop acting as if you want to be noticed.

if people keep disappointing you, then they are not necessarily to be taken serious
some people meant to be befriended only with themselves, make peace in such way

start becoming someone worthy to yourself
if you cannot laugh, don’t cry, you’ll laugh later.
if you cannot smile, don’t be grumpy, you’ll smile later.
if you cannot be happy, don’t ruin others’ happiness, you’ll be happy eventually.
if you cannot love yourself, don’t hate others, you’ll feel love yourself eventually.

to my loved ones

my happiness is a fake one,
because it hides a fear of loosing you.

i can endure suffers for you,
until our last breath, so i will have no regret

but right now my tears falling down,
time tells me to get prepare for this upcoming years

several years ago, because of my ego
i cannot stay with someone i loved til the last breath
now, i must press this ego hard
so i would cry less sad tears.


independent and alone

i am happy to think if someday i could be really independent and alone.

you could be happier if there’s someone next to you, to care about you,

if someone really cares about me, is that mean i should also care for that person vice versa ?
if the answer is yes, then i prefer to care only myself.
if the answer is no, then that person can give that affection to someone else who wants it.

the feeling of being abandoned and left to die in pain until no longer feel anything,
is worse than being alone without having anything to feel and live for.

and the worst is when i cannot decide which side i’m gonna stand for.

but now, i love my choice of being alone and share no affections but to myself.

all of these times, i live my life for the others.
such a fool, disappointed after realizing they didn’t want it.

or perhaps i should be thankful,
by this way, i found a way to love myself as a whole.