ignorance, calmness, and criticism.

no matter what, life is sometimes full of boring surprises.
there is no reason for loving or hating a person,
no definitive words could explain why-
because i rely much on fate.

whether a short-lived fate, or a predestined fate,
nothing last forever, and it’s just impossible to reject this fact.
i used to introspect myself too much, why people treated me such way
but later i understand, as long as I still have a conscience, what else to worry ?

people with different backgrounds,
easily i could spot others’ flaws,
however it doesn’t matter,
because i want to perfect myself, not to criticize others.



it’s funny a minute you surrounded yourself with joyful aura but next minute turned to be sorrowful.

nothing last forever, some last only a minute or less.

i believe, once i hold tight and won’t let it go, however there is a must to let it go, someday. with or without my concern, with or without my approval, if to go, just go.

it is just funny how it seems God played on us, but “He” actually had warned us before.

i’m not sad, thou people might see i am fall into pieces.

i’m not crying, thou it seems i’m all wet.

it’s just … trying to simplify my needs, to cope with so many losses in life.



do not think too much!

they said i am a weirdo, bit of lunatic, not pretty, and else.

i am not a weirdo, i just refuse to follow them because i am fine following my own lead.

i am not a lunatic, i can differ reality and fantasy clearly: -that one day we all must die- is a reality, and -wishing things would run as we pray for- is a fantasy.

i am not pretty, but i take care myself so far so good;

i never commit sins, murder, steal, fraud, and such. i never indulge myself in drugs, alcohol, and such. i live myself simple, aim to be plain, and be responsible of every steps i take.

therefore, i am indifferent, ignore their sayings.

there will be times i feel like want to be a bad person, because people treat me bad,

but i won’t follow their dirty footsteps, they are fools.

i won’t hate, among they who hate.

wisemen said, there is no right and wrong, all is a process, there is only cause and effect.



it’s hard to be sincere.

i think it over and over,
have you ever really treat me good ?
just because you don’t hit me, don’t kill me,
so i should consider you have treated me good ?

i keep thinking about it,
it is me who always sacrifice for you
even a thank from your mouth is rare,
when i need a help you refuse to help.

anyway, thanks
i become so much independent now
but i cannot
let you use me anymore.

in the end, all of us would be separated
just a matter of time,
so i am learning it from now as well,
to live really, really alone, independent.

and the most important thing i’ve learnt is,
if you cannot help a person sincerely, then don’t
just stop it, just be sorry of it, leave it.
in case you want to help, do it with a sincere heart
so when you’re not getting a repay, your heart won’t hurt.

about you.

so at least tonight, i will meet you
but before to tell you many things
i prefer hear more about you
because my beautiful story is about you.

but still, i need to write this down,
i refuse to be the chained dog,
thou cannot escape the fate of being a dog,
but a least i could run when i want to run.

cos lately people are weird,
people with the same level of morality will gather in a group
and trying to put some pressure on others,
spread their model of ego, greed, and ignorance.

i am fascinated by you, who eventually shape myself
most times i bit my tongue, no matter how many words to say
most times i hold my pencil and sketch your face
to escape from the reality where my world is shrinking.

so what ?
i am living myself peacefully, for this time being
i refuse to hate, refuse to talk about it, refuse to become like them
i choose to be silent, stay low, and keep thinking about you,
someday we will step on the finish line and all i care is,
until then, lets not forget each other, lets cherish each other.

you are that matters for me.
only you.








人生如梦 美梦也好 恶梦也好
梦醒来 都是成空。

if this life is just like a dream, then no matter we’re having bad or sweet dreams, they are as empty as the sky.

however, once you wake up (from a dream), are you really awaken ?