when you are angry
you lock yourself alone
not because you hate the outside world
you are just afraid to hurt more

because when you hurt so much
you will hate and poisoned your own mind
and eventually you will also suffer
therefore you just protect yourself first

in this world, there are still plenty of nice people
only few would have ill-intentions toward you
be strong first, if you want to be nice
so the hatred would not be present.

you would not be able to “not hating”
if you are not strong.
Hatred is a symbol of weakness,
for not being able to have an open heart.

my silence, my most time of being alone,
because i was surrounded by those who hates



fall, fall
let the fallen buried deep in a hunger mountains
keep, keep
keep the ashes intact from soaring up to the sky

to be in such state of devastation
suspicious mind, worse than the strangers
wind blows my anger to everywhere it pleased
leave me with these walls with ears.

low, keep low
slow the heartbeat
bow, keep bowing
to the centre of the heart

to the beyond i throw my sight in silence
passing your lifetimes
it is not a waiting for someone
it is a waiting until everything empty and dispersed,