Ancient City

bend, lead me thru the fire, a painful truth.

somewhere along the way, i was caught up in the long lost memory.

cost too much to be undone, u are the bargaining i wouldn’t touch.

only a light could not heal the deep wound, falling too deep, low.


be at ease

when you are sad
everything is bitter
you become quiet
alone cry in silent

when you are angry
but don’t know what to do
afraid later only regret
still unable to do anything

your fingers numb
your palms become rough
closing eyes
tears flow and bite your lips hard

trembled voice tells you to pray and be patient
never loose hope yet never rush anything
up front sea, up above sky, vast and distance
may your mind and heart forever open and at ease.

About Moving On…

no matter how hard the world keep giving you pressures
if you could, stand up and be the conqueor
if you cannot, still, walk on
because give up is never an option

no matter how many misfortunes the world gives you,
the only way to end it is to overcome them

no matter how become saddened you are,
from above, the solitude star shines brightly just for you
from inside, your heart is your lantern
never add sadness with darkness, human’s mind must always be polished

different people, different way of living, different problems, different problem solving. cry hard, build a river, get through with it.