you become the stars

in the middle of nowhere, the wind blows and i need to stand strong
in case my feet even cannot carry my own burden,
i break down and kneel, tremble and laying down,
wish there is a shelter to protect me until everything calms down

just like trying to survive among the debris of my dreams
sinking memories, trying to separate ego from this being
however i still wish at least my corpse could touch the land
how i really, really wish right now you are either save me or take me with you.

drawing your face
saw your handwriting
tears fall down

i smile as if you’re here
but even in dreams you’re gone
tears fall down

the conscience i refuse to forget
may tomorrow will be better
may my sorrow becomes answer

just so
as if you’re standing there
watching over me.


sadness. overflow.

why am i like this ?
overtaken by sadness,
asking heaven when there would be another falling star
like the one i’d seen in my childhood.

when you have nothing but the only little faith
there is no right and wrong, there is only a process of cause and effect,
solely based on this, i traveled forever
hoping someday could stop the cause, strong enough turning sadness into understanding.

understand living in this world is to learn about sincerity and compassion.
understanding sincerity and compassion as the only thing my heart could be light on.


why do you stand there ?
refuse to come to me ?
is it better there ?
am i standing on a pitiful place ?

no matter how many white clouds up on the sky
i guess the dark night paint them all black
if to cry, eyes turn red, sky turns blood
God is one, but He is like two-faced coin.

getting used to believe He is good, all good.
there will be times I believe I am wrong.

It is not about good or bad,
it is about deserve or not deserve.

she is crying inside, no matter how he is trying to cheer her up
his sounds are just like that penetrates the concrete walls.

sound of life

it’s hard to listen to my own cries,
it’s hard to make the tears stop flowing
i put down your hanged photo, my walls are all clean now
burned all your notes, gifts, belongings, all become dusts

how come there’s no light, the sky is always monochrome since you’re left
i feel want to end this journey soon, this lifetime seems plain and dead
walking down the streets, their laughter, argues, echos til the night falls
so i sing alone, until only illusions of day and night fly in and out.

it is you

i repeatedly play the same songs, maybe this is the hundreds time
unable to convey my feelings, therefore let other sings them for me

my friends said you were not match for me, but i turned blind that time
because i was happy, you pulled out the devil inside of me, you’re an angel in disguise

because of you, i was happy. and because of you, i’m crying
the world becomes dark again, i am falling into deep sleep again.