let it go

it’s simply a psychological thing.

you believe if someone betrayed your trusts,
that person is forever untrusted,
since you cannot hate, cannot avoid, keep facing that person everyday,
therefore you become depressed.

i just want to say to you,
our remaining days are shortened, day by day
that person sucks, but why let this matter depressed you, it’s such unfair
say it is karma, say that’s life, I just want you to let it go

try the best to deal, not to confront
you cannot change other person, yet to change yourself might sound hurt your pride
so be it, just deal with all matters in life without depressing yourself
in the end we all will die, so better care yourself more

don’t try to understand why others have certain opinions,
that is just them, theirs to own
everything will be fine, you and me
your forever shadow

love yourself more, because no one would do that better than yourself
what is the meaning of others’ impression, if your life not even depend on it
you don’t harm others, you mind your business, you behave yourself,
for such ordinary persons like you and me, this is more than enough to live this life.



stepping clown

1, 2 STEPS
ah i am going crazy
living in these lies

i’m gonna turning back,
even there’s no u-turn
green light, red light hits me

the clown cannot clean his face mask
rain, tears, drowning him, suffocated by his own lies
so don’t,. don’t take the highway