let go ego ?

if you cannot let go ego,
at least feed it with less carcinogenic stuffs.

stop expecting others to repay kindness
stop convincing others how good are your intentions.

if you cannot present them a good image,
at least give yourself a chance to save your parents’ face.

stop asking understanding from others
stop acting as if you want to be noticed.

if people keep disappointing you, then they are not necessarily to be taken serious
some people meant to be befriended only with themselves, make peace in such way

start becoming someone worthy to yourself
if you cannot laugh, don’t cry, you’ll laugh later.
if you cannot smile, don’t be grumpy, you’ll smile later.
if you cannot be happy, don’t ruin others’ happiness, you’ll be happy eventually.
if you cannot love yourself, don’t hate others, you’ll feel love yourself eventually.


to my loved ones

my happiness is a fake one,
because it hides a fear of loosing you.

i can endure suffers for you,
until our last breath, so i will have no regret

but right now my tears falling down,
time tells me to get prepare for this upcoming years

several years ago, because of my ego
i cannot stay with someone i loved til the last breath
now, i must press this ego hard
so i would cry less sad tears.


to myself: to die for

three times you knocked my door, i give no reply.
three times i call your name, you obediently reply.
three times i pass thru your window, i don’t bother to greet.
three times you borrow me your umbrella, i let you drenched.

the fourth,
i am living all by myself, until i realize… you are,
the river flow carries my boat, the wind directs my ship,
the lighthouse guides my journeys, the flying petals decorated my funeral,
you are a faith i would die for.

prisoner’s gate

if life can be free
it feels like a torture when you have no option
else than being pressured
a prisoner of ego and desires

if i could be free
like passing thru an unlocked prisoner’s gate
seeing thru the eyes of life sentenced convict
freedom is actually the feeling of being peaceful

so be at peace,
breathing the air in and out
how can i ask for more in this life
some things are worth waiting til final breath