it is a feeling felt not only for commoners,
me, the one who take a distance from them, also falls
and fail to guard myself from the drizzling rains
thick fog, clean air, you are standing in front of my eyes.

because of you i started a war for a peace
in this circle of life, i make my journey
at the end of the world, at the end of the road,
your image on that day emerged.


am i too attached to such thing as feelings
is it true that love is harder to let go than hatred

time passed, through many years
thought i could understand you better
later whenever stroll down in the city
realized you were just like a stranger

remember that day we’re walking together
the snow was thick so we sat under the tree
i threw my sight under the vast sky
as if was waiting for someone, even i had no one else but myself

now i still keep on walking along the path light by moon,
it seems lonely in the end
tracing my way back to home as a destination
as if my heart still beats for him under the graveyard

but feelings can change, none can keep it forever young
even i don’t have anyone else but myself, still i throw my sight under this vast sky.