unknown similar face

in this life i was drunken by ideality
i swallow bitterness in hoping for sweet ending
who knows once i step back, i never get back to where i stand
therefore can only move on, singing the songs when i was young

step by step your lonely image chasing the wind is getting blurred
who knows once i thought that sincerest smile turns into rainy cloud
once it settles down, may be you will see things clearer
from the beginning til the end, i love you just like becoming dusts.

put down all my belongings, put down all that is mine.
my feelings, my thoughts, my existence
i don’t even stay in any realm.


fall, fall
let the fallen buried deep in a hunger mountains
keep, keep
keep the ashes intact from soaring up to the sky

to be in such state of devastation
suspicious mind, worse than the strangers
wind blows my anger to everywhere it pleased
leave me with these walls with ears.

low, keep low
slow the heartbeat
bow, keep bowing
to the centre of the heart

to the beyond i throw my sight in silence
passing your lifetimes
it is not a waiting for someone
it is a waiting until everything empty and dispersed,

beyond happiness

what’s the point of sacrificing yourself
for my happiness ?
and I ask myself as well,
what’s the point of being saddened like this
if at least someone from us could be happier
i won’t let all of us hurt just like that

so, in situation like this, i pray
and pray, and pray,
even thou there is no God, no celestial beings,
i pray for a better way, least one of us could be happier,
even if that means one of us must sacrifice,

let it be me, allow me to sacrifice
if you disagree about it, then let us make sure both of us happy, never leave each other like that.

sanctuary of mind

the happiness when i open a window
soft and warm sun light greets me
celestial songs filled the air
this is heaven

in this life, the things i gained and the things i lost
all replaced by diminishing distance within the start and finish line
knowing it isn’t the beginning and the ending
sky above is wide and high, ground beneath is vast and deep

emotional breaks, illusions penetrate time
roaming freely, in sanctuary hidden from timeline.