righteous code

to witness misfortunes
to taste bitterness

to quench our thirst for justice equality
to redefine heaven and hell for each religion

to let it go
to let it be
to go for it
to live for…


About Us

i only remember smiles, without face
forever forgotten, today is also changing
through love and pain, i only remember smiles,
for all the wasted years, and years left to live on.

do you remember ?
the day our eyes first met,
we laughed so freely
exchanging smiles
we walked our different path

ten years passed,
our eyes met, soon look at somewhere else,
we smile as we walk to opposite direction,
thanking heaven taking care each of us safe and sound up til now
sighing, biting lips,
believing in the other part of this world
there are also people like us who are able to
walking together hand-in-hand toward same direction
taking same path, sharing kindness
may heaven protects them all the way.

compromising happiness
belated regrets

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