one moment.

like this, the end is not really that bad
it’s just me, walk this path alone
for all this time, i thought my life would be cold
actually it is enough to feel the warmth of the sunshine

listening to my own breath
in this simple, simple one moment in lifetime
remove my shadow blocking the light,
happiness and sadness, and myself.


unknown similar face

in this life i was drunken by ideality
i swallow bitterness in hoping for sweet ending
who knows once i step back, i never get back to where i stand
therefore can only move on, singing the songs when i was young

step by step your lonely image chasing the wind is getting blurred
who knows once i thought that sincerest smile turns into rainy cloud
once it settles down, may be you will see things clearer
from the beginning til the end, i love you just like becoming dusts.

put down all my belongings, put down all that is mine.
my feelings, my thoughts, my existence
i don’t even stay in any realm.


they said in the end we’re all alone no matter how the graveyard filled with tombstones.

as for me,
the road i take is a path to the cemetery where all trees are lining together, but all of them seemed solely stand.

so here i am all alone.

no longer afraid of loneliness, just need to be more cautious,
circumstances are getting cold, thick snow might hide some pits,
keeping myself warm, cling onto this so called faith,
move on.

Thanks, i guess.
for making me has no option but being strong.

the the lighthouse and me

out of curiousity, i dare myself turn more pages
but it seems loaded with destructions and darkness

i dreamt of being a nightwatcher
standing peacefully in the lighthouse

even stars cannot escape their fate
only to reach my eyes too late

after life is never my business
being departed from this life is my neverending laments

only me and this lighthouse
above only stars and dark veil

below is abyss of tears
witnessing people rise and fall

at sometimes, our realms become close,
there i hear the temple chanting and see celestial places

waiting for my whole existence
end of the whole journey of a circle

crossing the sanctuary of the extincted ones
through timeless space.

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