Love is …

if you really love a person, your existence beside that person is a proof of love.

correct that person’s misconduct, support that person’s efforts.

thru good and bad, to heaven and hell, you will accompany that person.

you treat that person as a part of you.

in this lifetime, how deep a fate needed to  meet such person and be together til the end?

that is, if only that person worth it.


taken from lynn’s book (1)

“i want to make you happy.”
bullshit. he left me to pursue better education, better career, and better world overseas.

“i also want you to be happy.”
swallowed the bitter pill. he left me because he couldn’t forget his ex.

“you don’t have to keep your troubles inside anymore. share with me”.
this person.
who left her childhood sweetheart to marry a rich woman.
then divorced that rich woman because he had an affair with his childhood friend.
then left his childhood friend and tried to get the rich woman back but rejected.
ironically the rich girl is my best friend and somehow approved me to be with him.

Life is weird.
Lets see then.

–taken from Lynn’s love story, 2016.

born into this world,
if lucky enough and know how to be grateful,
will treasure every moments in this earth,
stop lazying around,
become useful, bring no harm to others;

go to school, graduate, work, raise a family.

teach your next generation right from wrong,
let them appreciate kindness and be strong.

watching them all grown up,
and the next generation, and so on,
until the eyes forever close.

so maybe,
the purpose of being born in this life,
whether you believe in God, heaven or hell,
is to make sure you live a life without regrets,
to make sure when you are old and cannot do anything anymore,
your family, friends, anyone would, would take care of you.

Never Ending Nights

people born in this world carrying their own fate
leading their own destiny to certain paths
parted ways, greet and good bye, come and go
desert wind, midnight song is lonely, fireflies come late
when they come, carrying a news from faraway land

some longing for the city of lights
familiar faces grown old, older than the mountains
walk in the clouds, hear my song to the journey underworld
river of pain, as we flow into the ocean
at the end of the world, will you be there waiting for me?

so this is love, when it left me i’m frozen
banished into abyss darkness, never ending nights
so i let the path leads me to perdition
if you could come back, if i could turn back time
so what if i’m a pathetic of love, denied by my wronged hearts?

guess i’m living long enough to see your graveyards turn into garden of flowers
is still a simple blessing for they who left alone in this lifetime.


am i too attached to such thing as feelings
is it true that love is harder to let go than hatred

time passed, through many years
thought i could understand you better
later whenever stroll down in the city
realized you were just like a stranger

remember that day we’re walking together
the snow was thick so we sat under the tree
i threw my sight under the vast sky
as if was waiting for someone, even i had no one else but myself

now i still keep on walking along the path light by moon,
it seems lonely in the end
tracing my way back to home as a destination
as if my heart still beats for him under the graveyard

but feelings can change, none can keep it forever young
even i don’t have anyone else but myself, still i throw my sight under this vast sky.

dear God~for him.

dear god,
he believes you,
while i’m rather agnostic.
i do wish from this bottom of heart,
hopefully you will help him-
deal with troubles,
overcome hardships.

because i longed for kindness,
in this earth where such things are becoming rare
day by day i hide in the darkness,
cling onto my fear and sadness,
as people could be heartless,
and you seem to do nothing to stop them from sins.

dear god,
i can only pray for him,
from afar,
and if the sky falls,
darkness stumble upon us all,
just let me hide in the darkness
until the day my fear and sadness lift up,
threading destiny from fated path,
life is short.

I made this for a person who truly religious and no fanatic, but he’s often being slandered in his way to serve truth and justice. Guess people’s heart could be so dark until they cannot differ light from darkness.