Love is …

if you really love a person, your existence beside that person is a proof of love.

correct that person’s misconduct, support that person’s efforts.

thru good and bad, to heaven and hell, you will accompany that person.

you treat that person as a part of you.

in this lifetime, how deep a fate needed to  meet such person and be together til the end?

that is, if only that person worth it.




lately i laugh a lot and i know i’m not insane
the world seems doesn’t offer any significant trouble
maybe because you come into my life
everytime we meet, you are always smile

life is like the sky, sometimes it pours down heavy rain
but lately it shines a warm sunlight
the grey clouds hanging over the edge of horizon
i pray wind will blow them faraway, to the vast ocean

don’t give (him) love

don’t fall for him
don’t love him
don’t give your attention to him
less care, less see, less closer

just because he smiles at you
your heart beats faster, tells you to smile back
he flows like the fresh air
he moves like the breeze wind

the way he walks, say things with his accent
the way he surrounds himself with confident
world stops, you follow him comfortably
hand-made by god himself, like a divine preach

just because he seems to understand your jokes
share the same ideas, play the same old game
listen to the same song over and over again
just because like that, you are like a fish finds a water

like a mirror, like a reflection
he is living inside that other side
a lighthouse calls back lost ships
a guiding star hints your forever home.