about you.

so at least tonight, i will meet you
but before to tell you many things
i prefer hear more about you
because my beautiful story is about you.

but still, i need to write this down,
i refuse to be the chained dog,
thou cannot escape the fate of being a dog,
but a least i could run when i want to run.

cos lately people are weird,
people with the same level of morality will gather in a group
and trying to put some pressure on others,
spread their model of ego, greed, and ignorance.

i am fascinated by you, who eventually shape myself
most times i bit my tongue, no matter how many words to say
most times i hold my pencil and sketch your face
to escape from the reality where my world is shrinking.

so what ?
i am living myself peacefully, for this time being
i refuse to hate, refuse to talk about it, refuse to become like them
i choose to be silent, stay low, and keep thinking about you,
someday we will step on the finish line and all i care is,
until then, lets not forget each other, lets cherish each other.

you are that matters for me.
only you.








Love is …

if you really love a person, your existence beside that person is a proof of love.

correct that person’s misconduct, support that person’s efforts.

thru good and bad, to heaven and hell, you will accompany that person.

you treat that person as a part of you.

in this lifetime, how deep a fate needed to  meet such person and be together til the end?

that is, if only that person worth it.