how to deal with bad karmas

if so, i cannot runaway from my bad karmas,
then let them come, i won’t complain.

but even so, i must not create a new bad karma,
and do my best to plant and cultivate good karmas.

by that way, shouldn’t it would be less painful,
when hardships struck me, calamities fall on me ?

every reunion must come to an end,
unexpected separation doesn’t have to be count as unfortunate event

for every separation happens,
there i would encounter either another reunion,
or fly without hesitation, into the vast and empty sky

lay down, be calm and still
listen carefully and focus your mind
lay down, be sincere at heart and honest in words
walk cautiously and pray for all beings’ happiness and peacefulness.

“每一次重逢总会结束,意外的分隔, 解散,不一定是不幸.”


hurt others

some people in this world love to hurt others
wonder why, but actually i know why

if you believe in karma, you know there is no right and wrong
only cause and effect

so i will try to be as patient as i can
i will always cleanse this heart from bad thoughts
to avoid engaging this body from bad actions

i don’t know how many years remains for me in this one lifetime
but i am sure i will die someday and i don’t want to leave this world with hatred and disappointment
i want to leave this world without bearing any ill-feelings.
even in a painful state, i want my mind at peace and heart at ease

when i look at people that hurt me.
it should not about forgiving or forgetting,
i should pity on them, so i can be less pitying myself
because unpleasant things happened to me,
and someday unpleasant things would happen to them as well
by this way, how can i let my heart and mind filled with hatred and disppointment to others ?

maybe the real thing about being born into this world is
to come to an understanding when we leave the world.