ordinary people and grateful

how good is the “ordinary people” ?

“ordinary people”, they commit wrongdoings, but never really fundamentals. they do not kill, do not steal, do not spread hatred, do not spread hoaxes, do not cheat on their lover, stay loyal to one beloved person. Do not indulge themselves in alcohol, drugs, and other heavy addictions. Stay calm, kind, and humble.

Just ordinary.

They do not achieve big, not a looser but surely not a successful billionaire. They do not bring major changes, either for good or for bad, just stay as straight as possible.

Sometimes they fall, but never broken. Sometimes they fly, but always get back to the ground.

Their existences filled the ordinary days, ordinary life.

And I see nothing wrong with it, yet it is actually a right thing, beautiful.

Just like riding a car on a narrow road,  noticed you’ve driven halfway from home and you cannot turn back but move on, even if you would like to come back, you gotta take the remaining road first.

Just like this circle of life.

Reincarnation or another, it’s just another road, another story, another character.

To love you more, seems shallow. But that is what I would carry it into my graveyard, hold it until my final breath.

In this life, to be able to meet you has already a great blessing.

If memories won’t be forgotten, time never see me grow old; then no matter how long the road, how many aeons to pass, I won’t understand how grateful I am for meeting you in this lifetime.


good impression, pure intention.

how many reincarnation needed, to clean up bad karmas
therefore later i can meet you with a good impression, pure intention

even everyone in this world pointed their fingers on me,
i wished you would believe me, even without a proof, just believe this person, me.
but you didn’t. you give up on me.

i ever promised you won’t let you go for whatever reason,
but because of this, using this reason,
i let you give up on me. i didn’t beg you not to. i let you, so both of us could be free.

who is right, who is wrong, i do not want to identify this anymore
we live our life like this, we choose to be like this, we walk our own path til the end
eventually the path leads to separation, who knows it would be like this ? but it is not that bad.

i would rather you never weep for me, i would never weep for you
lets clean each other’s entangled fate, cut the red string,
many many years later, thru reincarnations, meeting you, may only good impression, pure intention.





a passer by.

sometimes i want to treat myself the best.
eat the most delicious,
wear the latest fashion
put the best make up,

but most times, i treat myself as simple as i could.
to whom we show our best side ?
to whom we put fancy clothes and stunning make ups ?
and to whom, i live well this life ?

everything i do, i must do it with determination
i behave myself to earn their respect and praise that my parents had taught me well,
i do not put fancy clothes and make ups to avoid being noticed by pleasure-seeking eyes,
instead, i wear simple and plain clothes and make ups to let them noticed me only as a passer-by
i live well this life is for myself, from the beginning til the end,
becoming a passer-by in this circle of life.


we promise to serve the justice together
you, a young painter at heart, armored well in battle
i, a restless nature-admirer, choose the path to bring peace over the land
our younger days, under the vast blue sky, ride horses to every corner of the kingdom

we promise to meet again after the battle
you, heavily wounded, sent back to the capital
i, took arrows piercing the heart, with a single glance to the sky
therefore, come back as a crane, to tell you who i am now.

as the bell rings, trumpets of glory calling all heroes,
drops of tears are taken away by the wind, buried in the sand
remember our days, forgetting the past, these years walking thru this journey of life
just like your paintings, where your heart dwells peacefully inside.

Life tips.

who often offend your feelings, hurt your pride and such–
then try to be not easilty get offended by others, try to be down to earth and humble.
if this fails, try to think like this:
“maybe it is my bad karma, my past actions toward others might be just the same like them,
therefore i must not commit the same things toward anyone in this lifetime,
and most of all, i must not let them and their actions inhibit my mind,
let me unattached to anything related to them,
therefore in the future, in the next life, hopefully i won’t meet such people anymore.”

“i won’t hate those people,
i would try my best not to strike back,
by not letting myself interact with such people in that way,
hopefully all of us would be freed from hatred, and would be peace at mind and heart.

“i must not let wasting time to think about how their actions offended and hurted me,
since it happened in the past, let it remain in the past,
let my present-time feeling no longer has such worthless thoughts,
since i never plan to have them in my thoughts in the future.”

afterall, you might say everyone is equal,
but you should know, there are lots of things you must conduct first to claim your rights
and what matters most is everyone is not equal in term of moraility, virtue, wisdom,
the ones who “think” they have higher morality, virtue, and wisdom, should be freed from hatred, greed.

unseen but familiar

i see those faces,
the newborns
the young ones
the old ones
the cemetery

i see those tears,
aspirations and desperations

i see those guests
come and go
nothing stays forever
but they keep coming
until the day i close these eyes

and open it again
to experience those sights
unseen but familiar
wish to be better
strive to do more.