forget to be grateful

so some people try to believe death is actually a happy thing as the dead would be reborn in heaven or something better realm
but it is just a new method to ease the left ones’ sadness, lift up their hopes and guide them to move on.
but to me, death is forever a sad thing, whether to be reborn in heaven or hell
but it’s a nature’s way, just like a joy when parents expecting their babies, as well as sadness being separated from loved ones.

happiness, sadness, are nothing.
some hasn’t seen true sadness, they can never be grateful so they kept complaining on life
some who had gone thru true sadness, forever live in happiness by being grateful
and for me, most times, i forget about this, thru my ignorance and foolishness.


to my loved ones

my happiness is a fake one,
because it hides a fear of loosing you.

i can endure suffers for you,
until our last breath, so i will have no regret

but right now my tears falling down,
time tells me to get prepare for this upcoming years

several years ago, because of my ego
i cannot stay with someone i loved til the last breath
now, i must press this ego hard
so i would cry less sad tears.


remembering the past.

why all of sudden i fall into deep valley of sadness
the images of the departed persons fill my mind
they had done this, they had gone thru that, such thoughts
the sky above is far and away, i lay under the sheet of reluctance

the sea of regrets is borderless, abundant of ‘what if’ and ‘if only’
writing some names i would like to know more
drawing their smiles, greeting them in my dream
i want to, i need to know, how to constitute this conscience

in the end i end up weeping my tears over and over
and day goes by and by, a year, another year,
as i’ve seen the road, i can only walk according to the path beyond,
even with eyes closed, the heartbeat will calmly guide my footsteps.

life is short, forever unfinished story…

life is short, it is forever unfinished story passing thru generations.

even before you finish your saying,
i know what to do
therefore it is not necessary for me to explain,
a person like me would never understand how to break one’s heart.
just because,
one’s heart might seem as fragile as a glass, but nothing really broken.
and one’s heart could be as hard as a steel, but nothing really unshaken.

a collection of ten thousands poems, in a night, was carried away by thousand flying cranes,
i would only need one scroll, to accompany my ups and downs of life,
but if i could choose, spare me the poem about repentance,
because, there is no right and wrong, only cause and effect.

“no matter how painful, i won’t let it turns into a lifetime’s pain.
don’t ask me about what will be happen next,
at least we had happy memories and cherished them
could not ask for more, only thankful for the good and bad of our times.”

sadness. overflow.

why am i like this ?
overtaken by sadness,
asking heaven when there would be another falling star
like the one i’d seen in my childhood.

when you have nothing but the only little faith
there is no right and wrong, there is only a process of cause and effect,
solely based on this, i traveled forever
hoping someday could stop the cause, strong enough turning sadness into understanding.

understand living in this world is to learn about sincerity and compassion.
understanding sincerity and compassion as the only thing my heart could be light on.

don’t be sad.

i don’t know what time is it

it’s like i am stuck in the middle of the road to nowhere,
above is the dark vast sky, countless stars, however very lonely sight,
if only i can turn back and restart, with a knowledge of a future, things will be better,
however, maybe life is truly just a dream.
the time you wake up is the time for you to leave everything. (those regrets, hatred, possessions, prides)
by that time, all is well.

don’t be sad. it is natural for being born and die.
whether you believe in heaven, after life, or else,
i wish at the very end of the road i will still carry your image
thank you for your presence in this lifetime, i believe meeting you is our past live promise.

since all of us have to wake up from this dream someday
i won’t let it become a nightmare.
from my purest intention,
may all beings be happy and peaceful at heart.


it’s funny a minute you surrounded yourself with joyful aura but next minute turned to be sorrowful.

nothing last forever, some last only a minute or less.

i believe, once i hold tight and won’t let it go, however there is a must to let it go, someday. with or without my concern, with or without my approval, if to go, just go.

it is just funny how it seems God played on us, but “He” actually had warned us before.

i’m not sad, thou people might see i am fall into pieces.

i’m not crying, thou it seems i’m all wet.

it’s just … trying to simplify my needs, to cope with so many losses in life.