when you are angry
you lock yourself alone
not because you hate the outside world
you are just afraid to hurt more

because when you hurt so much
you will hate and poisoned your own mind
and eventually you will also suffer
therefore you just protect yourself first

in this world, there are still plenty of nice people
only few would have ill-intentions toward you
be strong first, if you want to be nice
so the hatred would not be present.

you would not be able to “not hating”
if you are not strong.
Hatred is a symbol of weakness,
for not being able to have an open heart.

my silence, my most time of being alone,
because i was surrounded by those who hates



it is a feeling felt not only for commoners,
me, the one who take a distance from them, also falls
and fail to guard myself from the drizzling rains
thick fog, clean air, you are standing in front of my eyes.

because of you i started a war for a peace
in this circle of life, i make my journey
at the end of the world, at the end of the road,
your image on that day emerged.