in time with you

in my journey to seek for your existence
after a long separation, forget the union
breathing the air is like holding you close
i’m lost in the middle of longing you

in your journey to home, across the empty wasteland
hold my hand, filled my heart with fine living
i lived for reaching your hand, once always there
and suddenly it lasted only as short as a day

you will be there, everytime i close my eyes
breath the air and feel the wind from faraway land
i give you the answer now, love is limitless as the sky
as boundless as the sea, you become the painting outside the frame.


refuse to think, refuse to feel.

burning all the love letters he sent to me
reread some, laughable.
long sigh, bittersweet smile.
no more tears left, refuse to think, refuse to feel.

after all these years,
it’s hard to say if to find a new heart again
this drenched one is not that bad
still beating, nothing really broken.

smile, and refuse to think, refuse to feel.
keep repeating this, on and on
til the day this heart flies to the empty sky,
let this faith dispersed in the air, just like him.

Borrowed Soul

borrow me an umbrella
escape the lights,
so my soul can walk comfortably
with her beside me

borrow me a lantern
accompanied by a dim light,
so i can walk thru this dark alley
see our shadows walk together

borrow me a time
once i wasted
under this endless misty rain
see her for the last time

she walk under the moonlight
the frozen breeze hit her bones
but she refuse to say it’s cold

wind blows, tell her most favorite fable
tears falls, rewinding her most remembered words
i can see her buried dreams turn into ashes

as if walking to endless path
against the wind, among the crowd
whispering to the wind the words she haven’t said
wishing us for a better ordinary life.

Thanks God

thanks god, i overheard him.
thanks god, i act as nothing wrong.
thanks god, i detach myself easier.
thanks god, i accept changes.

for years i thought you woudn’t change
rumors said you have changed
i prepared myself for the worse
and now i’m seeing it is starting to go as the rumors say

so i’m seeing myself take a distance away,
beyond my eyes, seeing your diminishing shadow,
my steps lighter, because i know we both will be okay,
love is universal.