about you.

so at least tonight, i will meet you
but before to tell you many things
i prefer hear more about you
because my beautiful story is about you.

but still, i need to write this down,
i refuse to be the chained dog,
thou cannot escape the fate of being a dog,
but a least i could run when i want to run.

cos lately people are weird,
people with the same level of morality will gather in a group
and trying to put some pressure on others,
spread their model of ego, greed, and ignorance.

i am fascinated by you, who eventually shape myself
most times i bit my tongue, no matter how many words to say
most times i hold my pencil and sketch your face
to escape from the reality where my world is shrinking.

so what ?
i am living myself peacefully, for this time being
i refuse to hate, refuse to talk about it, refuse to become like them
i choose to be silent, stay low, and keep thinking about you,
someday we will step on the finish line and all i care is,
until then, lets not forget each other, lets cherish each other.

you are that matters for me.
only you.









fall, fall
let the fallen buried deep in a hunger mountains
keep, keep
keep the ashes intact from soaring up to the sky

to be in such state of devastation
suspicious mind, worse than the strangers
wind blows my anger to everywhere it pleased
leave me with these walls with ears.

low, keep low
slow the heartbeat
bow, keep bowing
to the centre of the heart

to the beyond i throw my sight in silence
passing your lifetimes
it is not a waiting for someone
it is a waiting until everything empty and dispersed,

my concerns….

terrorism issues
conflict of territories
island or border disputes
natural disasters

if i got a lot of money
i will buy a mountain and live in seclusion
of course must plant many vegetables, fruits,
as well as lots of clean water source.

i will google news to know what’s happening
just to make sure … you know …

but it’s hard to buy a mountain, living in it and trying to survive like i said-
in the end human beings only could reach below 100 years old anyway, lucky to pass 60 i said,
you might think have done many great things, or might just wasting time
at least avoid doing things as mentioned above,¬†and try not to entangled with such issues, isn’t it ?

life …

it was given without our concern and can be taken back at anytime, so i could only pray, be grateful, and sincerely trying to live a life day by day.